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Professional Business Websites for less!

Professional Business Web Sites built: $199.95

Business Websites Rebuilt: $199.95


We produce great web sites using modern technology : A few short years ago building a web site was a complicated process involving custom coding and many hours of trial and error to produce a good result.

The design process made simple: Now the same process is made simple through an automated system that produces a color coordinated design template made to your specifications in a short time. This design template is then applied to your web site. Interstate Autobody Website

Recent customer sites completed – the left site – was a redesign of the customer’s original site.

The site on right – was a new design using some content from the customer’s former site.

The screen shots make these sites look similar but they are quite different – visit each to see the difference.

Impressive results: This design process results in a web site tailored to meet your style and color requirements in a short period of time.

Advantage to you – Low Cost – easy management – log in, make changes, click save – your done!

You get full service – 24/7 tech support and reliable service. What differentiates us from a lot of cheap web hosting and design companies is this: We are not just out to get your $$ and run. We have been in the web design business since 1998. We enjoy it, we are good at it and we are not ever going to get out of it until they lower us into the ground and shovel dirt (we are making good and like what we do, why ever stop?).

Once you sign on you are not just another business guy on the street, when it comes to the internet you have a friend in the business. You will never have to worry about the internet, you will have it nailed. We don’t give everything away, we are not crazy but we do it for less with no gouging – you don’t pay high prices for something that take a few moments to do.

Tech support is free and so is our over 10 years of experience when you need advice concerning your web site.

Our goal – make having a website a cost effective option for every small business.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Interstate autobody and truck web site above needed to be found for the phrase “sandblasting eastern washington”

We did it in only 2 weeks – click here to do a search and you will see they are on the first page at the top spot.

SEO means adding pages and short articles on your site that will result in your site being found in Google/Yahoo/Bing.

We can research your products and services and build you pages that Google will index – these pages will cause your site to be shown in Google search results when some one searches for your business type.

  • Package prices for building your web site and adding product/service pages.
  • Consultation – We can tell you exactly what to do and you can ad your own pages.
  • Learn more about SEO – what is it and how do we do it – click here -> All About SEO

Starting a new business?

Click here >> for our starting a new business website discount offer


Hosting cost per month – $15.00

Want an example of my work? Your looking at it – This website.

Working with a few design ideas this site was done in a few days.

Call us NOW and lets talk websites.

No mumbo jumbo you can’t understand, just the straight scoop.

Seriously, call now! Business hrs 9:00 am to 11:00 PM 7 days a week.

Emergency tech support call any time even 3:00 AM and tech support will answer.


WE answer the phone as NCW-Online – our local internet service business name in Wenatchee WA.

[Who is NCW-Online?] Click here

Just say you are interested in a web site and we will give you the details.

Your website can be online in 30 minutes in basic form. Then the design will be customized for your business as we work with you.