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Prices and Services

Website Packages What you get - New web sites: $199.95 and up.

  1. 1 website address – – domain name registration is included in start-up cost.
  2. Website setup – we do all the work to get your website online and working.
  3. Website customized to your business – custom color and custom header.
  4. Custom header on all website packages.
  5. website package includes design copyright – you own the design – you keep it forever no matter what.
  6. Start-up cost – $199.00 – everything included. This is what you pay for your web site to be built. It covers everything plus your first month of hosting.
  7. Monthly cost: $15.00,  1 months hosting is included in your start-up cost, then your monthly cost is $15.00 or $45.00 every 3 months on auto bill or $17.00 per month ($51.00 every 3 months) if we bill you. See details below. If you prefer to pay once per year your cost is $180.00
  8. Email addresses – as many as you need –
  9. Website storage space – as much as you need within reason – most sites are under 50 meg even with photos. Storage space is not unlimited – we will give you what you need within reason 300 meg yes 3000 meg – no.
  10. Data transfer – this is how many people are visiting your website every month. 4 gigabytes of data transfer is included. This is enough for hundreds of visitors per day, even thousands so no worries.

Explanations, details etc:

  1. You get one web site address included in the up front cost you pay, unlimited sub domains are included. A sub domain is this – the you in this address –
  2. We do all the setup required – no hidden fees ever. Web sites are usually online in under 1 hour in basic format – chosen style and color is installed instantly then customized to suite your needs as we work with you.
  3. We customize your website to suite your business with a custom top header and custom colors Tailored to your business depending on your package chosen.
  4. Website packages includes a standard design and standard color combination and a custom designed header made from your photos. Note any art purchase required to make the header will increase your cost depending on the cost of the art needed. That would be the case if you did not provide any photos and wanted us to build a custom header based on art from a photo stock company.
  5. These website packages includes copyright ownership – copyright to the work we produce on your behalf – this means you own the web site design and can take it with you should you cancel your account with us.
  6. Start up cost include a full  months  hosting with your package price – this is the monthly hosting cost to keep your website online. 1 full month of hosting is included in your package price. No worries about hidden cost etc.
  7. Monthly hosting cost – this is what is cost to keep your web site online every month. If you go on auto payments through your bank or our credit card auto pay system the cost is $15.00 per month. This can be paid monthly or quarterly – every three months. If we bill you in order to be paid your cost is $17.00 per month. We bill every quarter – 3 months.
  8. You get as many email addresses as you need but not an unlimited amount – have 10 employees – get 10 email addresses – want 100 email addresses for no real reason – sorry can’t do that.
  9. Web site or server storage space – some companies offer unlimited storage space knowing you will never use it. We don’t do it that way, there are limits but you will never reach them unless you are planning to offer some kind of site where people go to download things – we don’t do those types of sites. Under all normal circumstances you will simply not have to worry about this unless you are planning on something like 1000 large photos. if that is the case we can work something out but it will cost a bit more then the basic $15.00 plan per month.
  10. Data transfer – we have websites of our own that use up to 10 gigabytes per month and get over 250,000 visits per month. Your simple business website will usually never reach that level. Most small business websites get between 10 and 50 visits per day – local customer looking for information on your business. If that is the case – as it usually is you will never get close to the 3 gigabytes of data transfer we offer.

Existing web sites: Need to move an existing business site? We can help with that and make it as cheap as possible for you. We are here to build long term friendly business relationships. Count on us to get it done without gouging you or taking advantage of you. Need a little help – no charge. Need a lot of help? we will work something out and take care of you.

Hosting cost is $15.00 per month on auto bill and $17.00 per month is we have to bill you.

No games or hidden cost. You know what you are going to pay right up front. We are small business owners just like you and we hate it when people talk a good deal then try to up-sell or include hidden cost later. None of that here, just right up front honest dealing. Don’t be afraid just because you don’t see this from other web design and hosting companies. We know what we are doing and do exactly what we say – build you a nice web site for a great price.

Any questions? call or use the contact/order form and we will provide prompt clear answers.


You simply pay one price and your covered for everything when we set your website up.


What else is there to worry about?

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See the Search Engine Optimization page for more about this.

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