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Great Business Web Site for $199.95 and up!

Low cost through automation – we can do it better for less – have a look and give us a chance to prove what we say.

Call us now and lets talk business web design. No bull and no pressure – just straight talk about web sites.

You will like the site I build for you or I will keep working on it until you are happy.


Don’t want to call, or want us to call you? Use our order/contact form here and fill in your phone number. We will give you a call during business hrs.

$199.95 and some times less?

We are in the Web Site Hosting business. We seek to host as many business web sites as possible. In the long term this is how we make our living.

So, if all you need is a simple professional 1 to 5 page business web site and you can supply us with all the content so we can copy/past everything on your site to start out then we can offer you a simple professional business web site with less setup cost. This means you pay the 10.00 to register your domain name ( and you pay the monthly hosting cost of 15.00 and you get a professional business web site built for you for very low/no cost up front. This is not a scam, we simply wish to host as many business web sites as possible, our goal – 1000 business web sites in 2012.

We have an automated system to build your web site that chooses styles and color combinations with a few clicks. We can build your web site in less then an hour. This way we do not have to charge you an arm/leg for a nice web site. We can even build your site for you up front before you even pay for your domain name. we use a surrogate section of our web site called a sub domain.

It looks like this Your site will be setup so you can see it on the demo21 part of this site. When you like what you see you pay for your domain registration and your first 3 months of hosting, total is $55.00. After that you pay $15.00 per month billed quarterly at $45.00 every three months. You can also chose to pay monthly, every six months or once per year, what ever works for you.

No scam, no catch, just a nice professional web site you will be proud to show your customers and friends.

Call us now and lets get going on your business web site.



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