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Starting a business in wenatchee

New business start-up Special

We have a special for any one starting a new business in wenatchee wa where we live or any place else.

I will give you the $199.00 package for $150.00 if you sign up within 12 months of starting your business.

If you are a little passed that and would still like the start-up special just ask. What am I going to say, no? Not if you ask nice any way..

We know how tough it is to get started these days and having a web site is notĀ  somethingĀ  you should pass up when starting a new business.


The other thing you should make certain of when starting a new business is to get in the local yellow pages.

You don’t need a super large ad that covers the entire page like the yellow pages sales person will try and sell you.

Just make certain you are there as depending on your business type the yellow pages are where many people turn to look for your business.

A good web site is not a substitute for a yellow page listing. I found that out the hard way, through experience that cost us a lot of business until we got listed in the local Verizon yellow pages.

If your town has multiple yellow page books such as Wenatchee does just buy a nice but small ad in each one.

Most people will call quite a few businesses looking for the best price especially if you are a service business. Because of this you don’t need an ad that covers the entire page.

If you are in a larger city where hundreds of other businesses are doing the exact same thing as you then you should do something to get your business listed at the top or start of the listings.

This is why you see things like AAA tool rental or AAA carpet cleaning etc. Not XYZ tool rental or XYZ carpet cleaning.

After our experience with the yellow pages and the amount of business they can generate I would even go as far as timing your new business start-up with the publication dates for your larger yellow page books for your city. Yes it can be that important if you are a service oriented business.

If you are starting a store or a restaurant then you are going to need a larger advertising budget or you will need a grade A location on a main street. If this is you then your already know this.

One thing I have heard though is starting certain types of restaurants you need not be on a grade A high cost location. Market research shows small Chinese restaurants can be located on hidden locations and people will seek you out once word gets out. This way you can save thousands per year in building and lease cost. The most important thing is to do plenty of research for what works in your business segment.